FightSong!TM empowers students to take back their life by giving them a tool using technology they are familiar with to anonymously report school incidents as well communicate online with your counselors and administrators.

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Report Video, Image or Message

Be anonymous

Reported Incidents

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Chat with Counselor

This app is built for Junior to High School Students , Administrators, Teachers, and Counselors.

Give your students the tools to be courageous and help change the culture.

FightSong!TM serves the entire school community

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Pricing & Licensing

Base Annual Subscription


1 Center, 1 Admin, 1 Counselor

Additional Admin/Counselor License


10-50 Admin/Counselor


50-100 Admin/Counselor


Additional Center License


10-50 Centers


51-100 Centers


100+ Centers


FightSong!TM is an annual subscription.

Centers can be buildings, buses, athletic fields – Any grouping you wish to use

Admin are administrators over defined Centers and can configure Centers and Invite counselors

Counselors are users that can interact with students within their Center

Licensing Examples:

5 Centers / 5 Admin / 15 Counselors

Base Subscription


4 Additional Centers


4 Additional Admin


14 Additional Counselors


Total Subscription


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Press Releases

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School Safety Advocacy Council

AMLE annual conference

- Oct 25 2018 To Oct 27 2018

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School Safety Advocacy Council

Creating Connections Colorado SCA

- Oct 18 2018 To Oct 19 2018

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School Safety Advocacy Council


- Oct 17 2018 To Oct 19 2018

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School Safety Advocacy Council

ASCA - New Jersey

- Oct 11 2018 To Oct 12 2018

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School Safety Advocacy Council

Ignite the vision

- Aug 24 2018 To Aug 25 2018

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School Safety Advocacy Council

School Safety Advocacy Council - Orlando FL

- Jul 23 2018 To Jul 27 2018

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ASCA Annual Conference - Los Angeles CA

- Jul 14 2018 To Jul 17 2018

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Wired Differently Conference

Wired Differently Conference – Las Vegas

- Jul 10 2018 To Jul 13 2018

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ISTE 2018

ISTE 2018 - Chicago IL

- Jun 24 2018 To Jun 28 2018

ISTE 2018 is the place where educator-tested strategies come together with proven resources for transforming learning and teaching. It’s also the place to get connected to the brightest minds in edtech, then network with them all year long.

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Girl Bullying

Girl Bullying and Empowerment - Atlanta GA

- Jun 20 2018 To Jun 23 2018

For the past 11 years, the Girl Bullying Conference has brought focus to the problem of relational aggression among girls. Quite naturally, many of the field-tested interventions presented at this unique gathering encourage friendship, sisterhood and building other types of supportive relationships – hence the added emphasis on female empowerment.

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